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Knowledge and Service
Very friendly people and they are also very knowledgeable and helpful. Excellent selection of props on hand and they also do repair to like new condition if it is not broken. If you need a prop or repair go to this shop and see for yourself.
Greg B. May, 2020
Supporting Local Business
This is a GREAT business to partner with. Nothing is better than handing your money over to a local small business you can trust. James and his working family are honest, fair, and VERY knowledgeable. I highly recommend Performance Propeller of Nashville to anyone.
Weldon E. February, 2020
Lesson Learned
I have learned a lesson the hard way. I had you fix my prop in January and I bent it again in June. I also found out I have a prop shop 30 miles from my house, 30+ years of experience, thought I would give them a try. After they "fixed" it I drew the blades on a piece of paper and showed him it was still bent. He said it gauged right and he balanced it and it should be fine. It's not fine it vibrates and my wife even asked what is wrong with the boat. They said I could bring it back and they would gauge it again. I have spent enough time and money there I'm not going back. Lesson learned my prop shop is Performance Propeller please help me fix this mess. 
Clifton K.    June, 2017
Great knowledge and service! My boat was propped perfectly the first time. My only regret is that I didn't come here the day I purchased the boat. Thanks to the folks at performance propeller
Art V.    February, 2015
Finally loving my boat
I explained the issues I was having with my boat not getting on plane,and when I got it back from them it performed better than new!!! Excellant knowledge!!! Thanks guys.
Scott H. May, 2013
Rocks v. Propeller
I dropped off my four blade stainless prop that got ate up by some rocks this summer. These guys had me back on the water fast and my prop looking brand new. Their customer service was great and the owner was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks performance propeller!
Andrew P.    December, 2015
Memphis Roadtrip
Had prop issues like you would not believe. Drove from Memphis to old Hickory and they went above and beyond to get new hub installed so I didn't have to come back. They recommended an excellent place to eat while I waited. Now I'm back up and running! Customer Service is the wow factor! I highly recommend this place.
Kenny L.    July, 2017
Prop v. Motor Toter
In case you are wondering, a Fury prop will chop an aluminum motor toter into several pieces but it will bend the prop. I tried it with a brand new boat. A local dealer recommended Performance Propeller. 
I drove three hours one way to drop it off, James took the prop and got it fixed quickly for a very fair price and I could not be happier with the service and quality of the repair. 
Thanks to James and Performance Propeller for making my mistake a little less painful!
Bill K.    March, 2019
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