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Question: Does it really matter who repairs my boat propeller? Aren't all propeller shops equal?

Answer: NO! All propeller shops are NOT equal. The level of experience and expertise offered by the authorized propeller repair station is second to none. The ability and knowledge of the repair shop staff is the key. The ability to restore the propeller to the factory specifications is mandatory for your propeller to perform correctly. The expertise of the propeller shop staff is crucial in customizing your propeller to acheive optimum performance.  First hand knowledge gained from years of experience is invaluable. 

 Question:  How do I know if another propeller will work better on my boat?

Answer: You have to know a few key things to get this answer. The boat’s length, horsepower and make of motor, boat motor’s operating range-- including maximum recommended RPMs, and diameter and pitch or name of current propeller. With this information, we can help you determine if you have the best propeller or need a different one.

Question: My prop is a little rough on the edges. Should I file them down so it will be sharper?

Answer: If the edges are rough, you hit something and your prop is probably bent. The rough edges are just the beginning. If you run a bent prop, you will eventually damage your lower unit or strut—not to mention, burn more fuel!

Question: My buddy and I have the same boat set up... Do we need the same prop?

Answer: Not always. If your Buddy is 6’0 350 lbs and you’re 5’4 120 lbs--that’s a different load! The load and application must be factored into the best choice of prop.

Question: Does the brand of propeller matter as long as the pitch of the prop is correct?

Answer: There are so many brands of propellers available today, and some brands are better than others. There are props that perform better and cost less, but it is important to have a quality prop on your boat. Although pitch is critical, the performance characteristics of a prop are just as important, and the key. This is where we come in. With our experience and propeller knowledge, we will help you get the best propeller for you application.

Question: Can any propeller be repaired?

Answer: Most, YES, but not all. We will only repair a propeller if we know it will perform like it did when it was new.  All work guaranteed!

Question: Is there a book that can tell me the right prop for my boat?

Answer: There is no book and sometimes even the factory prop is not the best one. Only years of experience and accurate information can achieve the best propeller solution. That’s where we can help!

Question: Are boat propellers the only thing you work on?

Answer: Yes! Our expertise is boat propellers. However, we will weld cavitation plates and lower unit skegs. We do not repair boats, boat motors or lower units. Boat propellers are ALL we do! 

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